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1.) Extra large black

** Plant is not included.
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Alon Statement Piece Black

  • MINI
    Top Inside Rim: 7.50" Diameter
    Top Outside Rim: 10.50" Diameter

    Widest Bulge Diameter: 13" Diameter
    Height Inside: 6.50"
    Height Outside: 8.50"
    Inside Base Diameter: 5.50" Diameter


    Top Inside Rim: 12" Diameter
    Top Outside Rim: 13.75" Diameter

    Widest Bulge Diameter: 20" Diameter
    Height Inside: 11"
    Height Outside: 13.5"
    Inside Base Diameter: 8"


    Top Inside Rim: 14.5" Diameter
    Top Outside Rim: 16.75" Diameter

    Widest Bulge Diameter: 22" Diameter
    Height Inside: 13.75"
    Height Outside: 16"
    Inside Base Diameter: 10"

    Top Inside Rim: 15" Diameter
    Top Outside Rim: 17.75" Diameter

    Widest Bulge Diameter; 24" Diameter
    Height Inside: 15.50"
    Height Outside: 18" 
    Inside Base Diameter: 11"



    Top Inside Rim: 18" Diameter

    Top Outside Rim: 20.25" Diameter

    Widest Bulge: 29" Diameter

    Height Inside: 17"

    Height Outside: 19"

    Inside Base Diameter: 13"